I'm sorry I've been such a neglectful blogger lately but I've been so busy with work and preparing for graduation! And if you were wondering, yes I got the job at The Cupcakerie! Sadly I'll have to leave in a few weeks after I graduate, but I'm moving and the job hunt is on for my next adventure!

To make up for my blogger abandonment, I leave you with a dummy cake I made at work today. Who wants some Neapolitan ice cream?


I have a job interview at the Cupcakerie tomorrow morning! I'm so excited I made a dozen cupcakes and these cute little cupcake bites!

Sugar & Honey

Made some cupcakes for my roomate's 21st birthday!

... and madeleines for myself!
Quickly decorated some cookies for Valentine's Day as well...

... in spirit!

Simple Walnut Biscotti

Threw together some biscotti a few days ago but i didn't get to dip them in chocolate because I was watching my adorable god son for most of the night!

Bagel Day!

The best day of all!

Cinnamon raisin and garlic and onion.... Mmmmm.

Hello all!
For most of my culinary schooling, I did not own a camera. Here are only a few pictures from my last two years inside the classroom!

Me as a chef with my nose ring, baguette, and giant sunglasses of course!